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Easter Greetings!   
06:46pm 11/04/2004
  just wanted to wish everyone a happy easter! hope you're enjoying it!

p.s.-i'm gonna make another entry updating on what happened yesterday and today so far.
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08:17pm 10/04/2004

If they told you I'm mad, then they lied.
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The Bestest Thing Ever...Quizzes!!!   
08:19pm 29/03/2004
mood: amused
Innocently Sexy
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(wow, i had no idea....learn something new everyday...lol)

i think that's all for now. gotta try 2 go 2 bed early 2-night. well, laterz everyone! take care...love ya all! tony, i'll have that cd for u tomorrow.
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More Friends...   
10:07pm 19/03/2004
  yay! i added 2 more people to my friends list on here. i added rosey and bobby. i hope they'll add me back. well still didn't watch ne stand up, but maybe i still will. right now i'm addicted to the internet..lol. ne-wayz...tata for now.  
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10:07pm 02/03/2004
  this will be quick...pretty good day today. i got that thing for intro to graphics cut out today...i would've been finished it yesterday, but i realized i messed up when i cut out the lettering so i had to redo most of it, but surprisingly it didn't take me that long and i brought it home and worked on it so now it's done and all fixed. tomorrow i'll get to put it on my screen, so that'll be good and then thursday i should be able to start working on it.

i replied to my emails today, which i actually remembered to check..yay! left some comments on livejournal, and now am gonna go on facethejury.com and gothornot.com to see what i got. by the way...yesterday on gothornot i had 63 ones and i even changed my pic...lol. that's great. i had i think 9 10's though, so that wasn't too bad. talked to kyle a little more today, but not much and i still am kinda mean to him. i guess i'm not gonna be stopping that, but i really should. oh well.

i'm hoping to get to go to rocky this week but i dunno yet. i'll see what i can do. i hope to do something really fun this weekend and see some of you guys again. i miss you all!

well i don't really know what else to write so i'm gonna get going. take care everyone! love ya!
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03:37pm 24/02/2004
  today i finally decided that i'm definately over kyle. at least, it felt like i was. i really hope so cuz i'm sick of liking him if he's gonna constantly talk about ashley and how much he likes her and hang out with her all the time. it gets a little annoying after awhile. wow, i'm a hypocrit though cuz i do the same to him with 2 people i like...one in particular that shall remain nameless. i really felt pissed off with kyle just cuz of all the times he made me feel like crying and shit, considering i try my best not to cry. no offense to anyone who does, it's just that it doesn't usually help me feel better. anywayz...so yeah, i'm over him i think. maybe he wasn't the one for me or if he was i really don't care anymore. i guess you could say i'm giving up on love...at least the romantic relationship kind. it just doesn't exist for me, but oh well. at least i have my friends.:-)

i finally got that design printed in intro today for rosey. i handed one in on a piece of paper to be graded cuz i wanted to give the shirt to rosey. she really liked how it turned out so i was happy about that. i'm gonna be starting on another project then, but i have to wait until sammie designs something for me to do. i hope she does it soon though cuz i need these projects done before the end of this marking period. she told me today she'd make that design for me so i hope she does.

i can't wait until this weekend cuz rosey might come over and sleep over until saturday. we're gonna try to dress up like goths and put our pics on gothornot.com, yes, i'm changing my pics to see if i still get ones. right now i checked and i have 115 ones i think and 22 10's. something like that.

pssa's were okay today, but too much writing. tony actually took them today cuz he told me he didn't yesterday. they'll probably make him make it up though, which sux. i just hope i did well enough on them so that i don't have to take them again next year. tomorrow's the last day for them...thank god. also tomorrow is the poetry club meeting after school. i can't wait. i have to still look over some of those poems so i'll do that later tonight before i forget.

i finally got my course selection sheet signed by all the teachers i needed to sign it. i will get my mom to sign it tonight and everything so that i can hand it in before i end up forgetting to. they're not due until march 8th, but i figure i'll get it in early. at least then it'll be done and over with.

i talked to tony today which was cool and i'm talking to him right now on aol. i really hope things are going okay for him. i mean when i talk to him he seems alright, but some of his posts on here make me think otherwise. i just hope he knows i'm here for him if he wants to talk.

next weekend i'm hoping to have sam and kyle over. i know i said i was kinda angry with kyle, but i don't hate him and he said he'd let me and sam put make-up on him. he was hesitant at first, but then he gave in after i begged him. lol. so that'll be fun as long as they can come over. i really hope this weekend will be fun too since rosey might come down. not sure yet if i'll be attending rocky cuz it depends on if katie's going, but hopefully i'll be there.

that's all for today i guess. so i'll talk to everyone later. bye!
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06:08pm 16/02/2004
  thanx to tony i now have an account on facethejury.com and on gothornot.com cuz he told me how to put a picture on there. thank you so much tony dear! i'm gonna rate you on facethejury.com since i didn't get to do that yet. i love you, you're a sweetheart! *hugz* i hope you start feeling better. i'll see you in school tomorrow so take care. laterz everyone!  
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09:12pm 15/02/2004
  okay..nevermind..that didn't work..i give up. i'll have to ask tony how he got his pics on there tomorrow when i see him. anywayz..gotta go so goodnight everyone! take care!  
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09:07pm 15/02/2004
  don't mind that last entry with the pic....i just needed to put it on here so i could use it for gothornot.com and yes i know i'm not a goth. i just wanted to create an account and i need a picture to use. i want to see how people rate me. lol.  
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09:07pm 15/02/2004
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Quizzes...Quizzes...And More Quizzes!!!!   
08:22pm 11/02/2004
mood: hyper

If i was a serial killer i would be Richard Ramirez.

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(omg...lmfao...that's great!)

alright, well that's it for now. haha..i had fun. hope everyone enjoys my journal! haha. anywayz...later everyone!
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Just a quiz   
07:09pm 11/02/2004
mood: amused
When i kill myself i'll...

haha! i wanna take more tests like that! it's great!..i'll see if i can find more, but i'll post them in a separate entry. i know..i'm annoying! lol
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07:38pm 09/02/2004
mood: cheerful

hey, i just realized that i never posted any pictures of my puppy Rusty on here. so since i figured out how to put pictures up on here the other day, i figured i'd do that now. oh, and don't mind the etnies hoodie in the background cuz i had to hold him while i took these pictures. enjoy!

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04:37pm 04/02/2004
  taken from my xanga site cuz i'm too lazy to retype any of this...

Wednesday, February 04, 2004

i forgot to write something in my last post. i'm getting further in intro to graphics. today i finished cutting out my design and started cleaning my screen off, but i still have to finish doing that and then i have to stick my design to it and wait a day until i can do anymore work on it. so hopefully i'll be printing it soon. i have to find a shirt to put it on first though. i was telling tony how i'm in intro to graphics now and how i'm enjoying it. he had it the first half of the year and he agreed it's a pretty cool class. he asked what we were doing now and i told him silk-screening and he said he thought that was fun. alright, just wanted to write that. oh, and i changed the font color on here so it's easier to read now. well, that's all. later everyone!

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guess who was in school today? tony! we had a 2 hour delay today so after 7th period i waited for brandy,megan, and tony to come out of environmental science and i got to see matt miller! yay. now i have 2 hot people to stalk in that class, tony and matt. anyways, i walked down to the 2nd floor with tony and told him about my puppy rusty that i just got. he said that was cool that i got a puppy. it was gonna be 3rd period since the schedule always gets changed around for 2 hour delays so i actually got to talk to tony more today then i usually do. i walked with him until we got to the cafeteria because he has study hall in there and i had to go to intro to graphics, but that's in the back hallway so it's not like i went out of my way cuz all i had to do was go from the cafeteria to miss remel's room. i was glad i got to talk to him for awhile today since he hasn't been there the last 2 days and i hardly ever see him. we need to have 2 hour delays more often. lol. when i was talking to him though, i asked him where melissa was and he said he didn't know and i said that i hoped we'd see her so i could piss her off by talking to him. he laughed and said we'd probably see her, but unfortunately we didn't. damnit! i really wanted to piss her off too cuz i can't stand that stupid, ugly, whore!

anyways, i figured out more of tony's schedule today. i now know that 3rd period he has study hall in the caf. as i've already mentioned above, 6th period he has lunch, 7th environmental science, 8th gym/study hall, and 9th history. the periods i just figured out today because of talking to him and the 2 hour delay were periods 3 and 9. i have yet to figure out what he has 1st,2nd,4th,and 5th. oh well, i'm sure i'll find out soon enough. i always do. i'm definately NOT a stalker, i swear! lol. speaking of stalking people, i didn't get to stalk matt miller all that much today and didn't see him as much as i saw him yesterday. i only saw him after 6th period, after 7th, and after 8th. maybe tomorrow will be better. i hope so.

i did get to see sammie today and talk to her though. that's always good. she said she might be on the computer tonight and if not then she'd try to call me. so hopefully she'll be online when i am. right now i don't see her on msn, but maybe she'll be on aol. that's what i was talking to her on yesterday. i have to sign in and check if she is on. if not, maybe i'll get on later. i'm gonna call katie tonight though and see how everything's going with her cuz i haven't talked to her since i left her house sunday evening. i hope everything's okay. tony told me that if i talk to her to tell her he's not mad at her or anything it's just that he hasn't been able to talk the last 2 days. by the way...he looked really hot today, even more so than usual. i didn't think that was possible. lol. and i noticed how much taller than me he is when i was walking with him today. i think it's the boots he wears though, but he is already pretty tall without them so maybe even if neither of us were wearing shoes he'd still be taller. bastard! haha..j/k. anyways, so hopefully i'll get to talk to sammie again and talk to katie.

i came home and rusty was jumping around in his cage and was all excited to see me. it was so cute. i <3 him! hehe. i had him out of his cage for a few minutes, but i wanted to come on here and he wouldn't sit in my lap cuz he wanted to get down and play so i had to put him back in his cage. i felt bad though because he looked so sad and then started whimpering. i'm gonna take him out later and play with him.

ms. urban asked me if i was gonna be in the poetry club today and i said i didn't know if i'd be able to cuz i had to catch my bus. the first meeting was today after school, but i couldn't go to it cuz i wouldn't of had a ride home. she gave me the information for it though and there's this form to fill out if you're gonna join. i asked her if i could take it home and talk it over with my parents and she said yeah. so the next meeting is 2 weeks from now because the meetings will be every other week and she said probably wednesdays. they'll be an hour long as well. it seems kind of interesting, but i'm still contemplating if i'd really wanna join or not. i dunno if i would. i only write poems and stuff when i'm in the mood to and i don't like sharing my work with other people unless they're my friends. i dunno who all's in the club. so i have to decide whether or not i wanna be in it cuz i still don't know. i'll figure it out. hehe....maybe i should join cuz i never have anything to do, but i'm just too lazy to join clubs cuz i probably wouldn't feel like going to the meetings. i mean, they're right after school, but i hate spending any more time than i have to in that hell hole. i most likely won't join it, but i'm not 100% sure yet. we'll see what happens.

one last thing before i go...i talked to derek today! in environmental science i was talking to him and i told him about rusty and he said that was cool and then he started telling me about his dog, but mr. czapla started class then so he didn't get to finish. hehe. derek's awesome, i love that kid! so yay! all 3 of my hot people were in school today. that was great! anyways, that's it for me so take care and talk to ya all later!

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Too lazy to type a new update...   
05:08pm 16/01/2004
  so i'll just copy and paste this one from my xanga site for today.

Friday, January 16, 2004

yes!!!!! it's friday!!!! i'm so glad cuz it seems like this week's just been dragging on forever. i can't wait until tomorrow either cuz i get to go over katie's and we're supposed to go to rocky horror in coaldale. i've never been there, so i'm hoping it'll be fun. it should be. also we might go see a movie with her mom so that'll be pretty cool. i've missed hanging out with katie so it'll be good to hang with her again.

sammie wasn't in school today. i missed her. i hope she's okay. oh, but i finally finished my technology in science project. well actually i didn't get pictures for all the people, i didn't add animation or sound to the powerpoint presentation like we were supposed to, and my quit button doesn't work cuz i didn't know how to get it to. so i'll lose a few points, but i got the main parts out of the way and i didn't have time to add that extra stuff and i'm just glad i got most of it done. hopefully i'll get a good grade. today was the last day for me to see my hot person in that class though. :'( that was sad and i didn't even get to stare at him cuz i wouldn't allow myself to get distracted in that class today because i knew if i did i'd never get my project done. i got to see him later after 7th though so that was good. hopefully i'll have something with him for the 3rd quarter, but i doubt it. oh well, i'll just have to stalk him even more and watch for him everyday when he walks to his car. speaking of that, i saw him walking to his car today and he did this weird little run type thing and it looked so cute. hehe. i'm glad we had a two hour delay today, but the only thing is that it cut down on the time i had to finish that project. otherwise i probably could've got more of it done, but oh well. i'm not too worried about it, i'm sure mr. cap. will understand. he knows i was trying to get it done.

today was our last day in creative writing and i hoped derek would be in school so i could spend it talking to him, but unfortunately he wasn't. i really missed him today though and when i didn't see him come into 1st period i felt like crying. that's how much i missed him. i know it sounds pathetic, but he hasn't been there the last few days and i really wanted to talk to him. now i won't have that class with him though, but at least i'll have first period with him. i'm seriously considering asking him out though. i've been contemplating it for awhile now, but i've never been this serious about it. i'm just afraid he doesn't like me in that way or would think it was some sort of joke. also i'm afraid of the rejection and even if he didn't reject me, i hate to think of the friendship i could possibly lose with him if we did go out and then break up later on. that would really suck. another thing that bothers me is the fact that with how much school he always misses and how much work he has to make up, that maybe we wouldn't get to see each other that much outside or in school. i don't know if i could deal with that. well, if anyone can help me decide what i should do just leave a comment. i'd really appreciate the help.

anyways, today mrs. laughman said she did remember reading my short story that we were supposed to get back today, but she misplaced it. that's great cuz now i don't even know how i did on it. i hope i did well though cuz i didn't like my story all that much, but maybe she did. i hope so. yeah, i wrote a few more poem/song things during that class cuz i had nothing else to do. they suck, as usual, but it was something to do.

i hated 9th period so bad today cuz mrs. urban insisted on praising my point/proof/purpose assignment we did wednesday when the sub. was there. yeah, i loved that. it really didn't make me feel like a complete ass. for one thing, i'm not an ego maniac and don't intend to be so i don't like having anything i do praised and second of all i still don't even think she really likes me so i don't know why she made it sound so good. maybe it's cuz she knows how shy and quiet i am and how i don't like attention drawn to me so she did it to be a bitch. i dunno, but anyways she said everyone had to do it over again unless she told us otherwise so of course she said mine was excellent so i didn't have to do it over again. thank god, but i still didn't like the excessive praise plus the fact that she read both of my papers to the whole class. so that was kind of hell for me, but ah well. nothing you can do about it i guess.

so that was pretty much my day. i'm gonna probably play video games later or call katie or something. maybe i'll even read. i'm not sure yet, but i'll find something to do. oh and today my mom had to get this surgery done for her heart, but luckily everything went okay. they are keeping her in the hospital a few hours yet though for observation, but i'm glad they're doing that cuz i don't want anything to happen to her. i'm just glad everything went okay cuz i was worried about that today. yay...my mommy's gonna be okay! *clap* hehe...alright, i'm done now. take care everyone and enjoy your weekend!
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08:20pm 15/01/2004
  well i was sad to read that justin won't be updating his livejournal much anymore. i'll miss getting to read his posts. hopefully i'll get to talk to him a lot more if i get on aol. i haven't been on there for awhile though. well i talked to katie today and i'm gonna be going over her house saturday as long as nothing comes up and we're going to rocky horror. also we might go to see a movie when her mom goes to see it. it should be fun, i can't wait. i wish today was friday so that i could go tomorrow, but unfortunately it's only thursday. oh well, maybe tomorrow will go fast. i hope so. oh, and i just loved the whole last minute cancellation thing today for school. i was all ready to go and then i just happened to have channel 8 on and i was expecting it to say a 2 hour delay for tamaqua yet, but then i saw it said closed. well, that's good old tamaqua for ya...what do you expect. you can't expect much from that town or school district.

anyways..so tomorrow i really have to try to get my final project for technology in science done. today would've been the last day to work on it, but with us not having school i'm assuming he'll extend it a day. at least i hope so or i'm in trouble. i'm nowhere near finished, but hopefully tomorrow since i have two study halls in a row they'll have the computer lab open so i can work on it then. yeah, and i guess now since i didn't have gym today we'll be picking what we wanna do for the 3rd quarter on tuesday. hopefully they'll have some good choices. i was glad we didn't have school today though cuz i really didn't feel like going, but i was kinda disappointed i couldn't get to see my hot person. oh well, there's always tomorrow. hopefully derek will be there tomorrow too cuz he wasn't there the last few days. i really missed him. i love that kid..he makes school so much more interesting. also i'm hoping he'll be there so i can spend my last day in creative writing talking to him since i sit right next to him. :-)

well that's pretty much all i have to update on so i'm gonna get going and get my shower. take care everyone. later!
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New Picture!!!!   
06:31pm 23/12/2003
mood: lethargic
i wanted to update this yesterday, but i didn't get to. so i'm gonna copy and paste an entry from my xanga site that i wrote yesterday. there's nothing much to update on for today though, except that i put up a new picture on here. i felt it needed a change and i was bored so...

anyways, here's the update that was supposed to be for yesterday...

Monday, December 22, 2003

alright, i'm not gonna be staying on the internet too long because i have to leave at 6 to go to a viewing. yeah, on saturday my papa shay passed away and tonight's his viewing. heh, what perfect timing (sarcasm) considering my mom just got sick on saturday and then she finds out that her dad died. i felt so bad for her cuz she was all upset over it, but i'm surprised she hasn't been crying non-stop these last few days cuz she usually does that. i'm sure when we go to the viewing tonight though she'll be crying a lot, which is understandable, but i just hate to see her like that.

so anyways, my mom has the flu and bronchitis. that really sux, but i think she's feeling a lot better than she did saturday and sunday, or at least she seems like she does. she was worried that i might get what she has, but i told her not to worry about it cuz it wouldn't be a big surprise if i did considering my immune system is really bad so i get pretty much everything and anything that's going around. i have to say though, lately i haven't been getting that sick or catching stuff that's been going around, which is a huge surprise cuz i almost always get sick. i have been coughing and getting more stuff in my throat than usual though and my nose has been running a lot. i dunno if it's just allergies or if i'm starting to come down with something, but i hope it's just allergies.

i went to bed late last night, like around 1:30ish because i had a really bad migraine headache, but then i took some imitrex stuff and it helped it go away almost instantly and it didn't come back the rest of the night. then this morning when i woke up i felt fine until i tried to eat something and then i felt sick to my stomach, but i still tried to get ready for school and before i did my exercises it went away and i was fine the rest of the day. i was glad that during school i wasn't coughing as much as i'd been over the weekend and i wasn't getting stuff in my throat. my nose wasn't running a lot either so that was good cuz i forgot to bring tissues with me. so i guess today i've been feeling pretty okay, aside from the fact that i just recently lost my papa shay and feeling bad for my mom cuz of her being sick and now losing her dad.

alright, well on to better things. sammie made me a pretty picture last night and she gave it to me today!!! i love my sammie! she painted this little star in the one corner of the paper and then made the rest of the paper all colorful...it's the colors of the rainbow. it looks really neat and i'm gonna hang it on my wall or something. i was gonna put it in my locker, but i don't think it'll fit on the door or anything. i'll definately make sure i put it somewhere in my room where everyone can notice it right away. hehe! i'll probably put it on the wall behind the headboard of my bed. that way everyone can see it right when they walk in. oh, and then i drew sammie a picture in my study halls today cuz last night i called her and told her how i felt bad that i couldn't get anyone anything for christmas so she told me to just draw her a picture or something, but i didn't get to cuz i had that damn headache. so i drew her a winter picture with a snowman and a street with candy cane lights. i didn't have any colored pencils or crayons or anything so i couldn't make it colorful. i told her i was sorry about that, but she said it was okay cuz she still liked it. i was glad to hear that.

just a little while ago sammie called me from work to see how i was cuz i told her about my papa shay today in school and she felt really bad. she kept telling me she was sorry about him dying, but i told her it was okay and not to worry. she told me i could call her later tonight if i wanted to talk and i told her that i would as long as i don't get home too late from the viewing. so hopefully we'll get home early enough so that i can call her. she also apologized for not bringing my rufio cd in today,but i told her that was okay too because it's no big deal. i'll get it some other time and i know she's not keeping it on purpose or anything. she kept saying she was sorry though and i felt bad cuz i don't want her to think i'm hassling her for the cd or anything, it's just that i've been in withdraw from it. it's okay though cuz i let her borrow it and i understand that she just forgot to bring it in. i'm the same way, i always forget stuff. i'm extremely forgettful. :-S so she asked me if was gonna be going to school tomorrow, but i told her i wasn't gonna go. i mean, it's not like i'm missing anything cuz all i'd have tomorrow would be a study hall, gym, then lunch. i figured that with that viewing tonight i don't know how late i'll get home so i'll probably be exhausted, plus i haven't been feeling that well the last few days, and i just need a break from it all.

the only bad part about not going is i won't get to see my friends and i'll miss them, but i really don't feel like going tomorrow. hopefully i'll see most of you over christmas vacation. i really want to hang out with my friends over the break cuz it's gonna be hard to go that long without seeing any of my friends. we'll figure something out. i'm really sorry i couldn't get any of you anything, not even a candy cane or christmas card, but i didn't get to go anywhere to get that stuff. i feel really bad, especially since some of you got me stuff. man, i really gotta get a job over the summer and for next year so that i can get everybody gifts. also i gotta get my license so that i can actually drive places and get to hang out with my friends and even take them places. sammie said that when she gets her license, me and her are gonna drive around and go to the movies and stuff and hang out. it sounds like fun, can't wait. \m/ of course, i wanna do the same with all my other friends too, that'd be really fun. a whole group of us just gallavating(sp?) around one night...imagine the possibilities lol.

oh, did anyone else think that movie was really stupid today? i thought it was horrible...well, what i saw of it anyways. i saw matt a few rows in front of me so i was staring at him most of the time. hehe...i'm so lame. how much fun can you have staring at the back of someone's head? well, let me tell you...TONS!!!! lol. then i got to see him in 2nd period today too, which was great and i saw him right before 2nd when i passed mr. ulicny's room cuz he's in there. he's just soo damn hot!!! damn him! hehe. i also got to talk to derek today. i said hi to him this morning before homeroom when he was at his locker and he actually heard me and said hi. then i saw him after the movie in first period and was talking to him a little bit in there. the next time i saw him was on my way out of 2nd period and he said hi to me first. yay! then i saw him in 4th period and was talking to him a little bit cuz he sits right next to me. i didn't get to talk to him the whole period though cuz whoever wanted to play pictionary in that class had to go to another table with mrs. laughman and i didn't feel like playing so i stayed at my table and finished sammie's picture and then read. there was only about 2 people who actually wanted to play pictionary and that was derek and kyrie. oh yeah, and kyle was in school today!!! hurray!!!!!! i asked him how he was feeling and he said he was feeling better. i was glad to hear that.

omg...i felt so bad for rosey today though because she was tired and she was upset about something that happened last night, but i'm not gonna write what it was cuz i don't know if she'd want me to and it's not my place to do so. i don't know how things are going with that, but i hope they're going okay. i really hope everything's better and that rosey's feeling better. rosey, if you read this, i really hope the best for you and hope everything's okay. if not, try not to worry about it too much, even though i know it'll be hard, but if you need to talk, i'm here for you. i love you rosey..don't forget that. you know my number and my email if you ever need anything. take care and i'll talk to ya later! *hugz* love ya!

oh, and one more thing...yesterday my brother and i watched monty python and the holy grail!!!! i still love that movie! thank you sooooo much sarah! that movie's the greatest. i can't wait till christmas! speaking of that, just in case i don't get to talk to any of you before christmas or in case i'd lose power on or before christmas like i did last year(let's hope that doesn't happen) MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!!! i'll post that again on christmas day if i can.

alright, well that was a lot to write. sorry about that everyone. hope you all enjoy the rest of your night and enjoy tomorrow, whether or not you go to school. take care everyone. talk to ya laterz...and once again sorry i couldn't get anyone anything for christmas...i still feel really bad even though people keep telling me not to. hopefully i'll have a job next year so that i can get everyone a little something. okay, well that's all for me so goodnight!

okay, well i did update my xanga site today, even though there's not much to write about, so maybe i'll post that entry too.

Tuesday, December 23, 2003

well the viewing went as i expected it to last night. my mom was crying the whole time and i felt horrible cuz just seeing her cry made me want to cry too, but i didn't. i just wanted to try and be strong for her, plus i don't normally cry and hate when i do so. it's not that i don't care enough to cry, it's just that i don't see the point in it. i know it's some people's way of dealing with things, but it's not mine cuz it doesn't solve problems or bring people back to life. it might make some people feel better to cry, but it doesn't for me. i don't have a problem if other people cry and that's their way of coping with things cuz that's just the type of people they are, but i'm just not like that.

alright so anyways...enough of my little crying rant. umm..yeah, i didn't get home until 10:30 last night because at the end of the viewing the guy who owned the funeral home had to talk to my mom and some other people about the funeral arrangements. so that took longer than expected and of course since i got home so late, i didn't get to call sammie last night. i'm gonna try to call her today though so hopefully i'll get in touch with her.

oh, i forgot to write about this yesterday, but on sunday night guess what was on comedy central at 10?! one of the kevin james specials!!!!! it was Kevin James: Sweat the Small Stuff!!!! i taped it so now i can watch it whenever i want. i still have to see his other special which i never saw, but kyle was telling me there was another special he had the one time. i hope i'll get to see it sometime. speaking of kyle, i got to talk to him on msn today. that was good cuz i haven't talked to him on there in awhile or gotten to talk to him that much lately.

well i guess that's pretty much all. today's been pretty uneventful. wow, i have 12 days off school. that's pretty cool, except that i might not see most of my friends and won't see my hot people over the break. i kinda wish i would've went to school now cuz derek bade was there today and i could've saw him and i wanted to tell him to have a good christmas. also i could've told all my friends that and got to see them before the break, plus i might've been able to see matt today, although i don't know when since i wouldn't of had technology in science, but maybe i would've been able to stare at him in the assembly if i saw him. oh well, i'll see him when we go back to school. too bad i don't know where he lives or i could stalk him...haha. anyways, i'm gonna get going. later everyone!
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Quick Update...   
06:49pm 16/12/2003
  okay, i don't feel like writing a lot and i wanna go watch the daily show at 7 and it's 6:50 now, so i'll try to make this a quick update. well derek was in school today so i saw him and was talking to him first and 4th period. that was cool. we finally finished the table tennis tournaments in gym class today so i don't have to worry about being partners with people i don't normally talk to...at least not for a little while. me and rosey just kinda pretended to play a game of table tennis, but really we were just goofing around. lol. it was fun. watched some more of the matrix in technology in science, and i wish i could've skipped all my other classes just to watch the rest of that movie cuz it's really getting good and i never saw that movie. i hate having to turn it off in the middle cuz it's really interesting. i just got done working on my homework for my history project...i did some more for it tonight even though the one girl in my group told me i didn't have to do anything considering i did the whole history part by myself. she said she felt really bad i had to do all that, cuz she wasn't there for the first 3 days of the project. she was out sick, but she said if she was there, she wouldn't of made me do all that work. oh well, at least it's done now and at least she's nice about it and sees how much work i put into it and appreciates it. i told her it wasn't a big deal cuz it wasn't that hard, which it wasn't. played prince of persia:the sands of time some more yesterday and got further. i hope i'll get to play it some more tonight. oh, and sammie was wearing this shirt today that had the superman logo on it and the shirt was blue so i kept calling sammie supergirl. hehe. i asked her if she was supergirl first and she said she was so that's why i kept calling her that. :-) i still haven't talked to katie in awhile so i'll probably try to call her sometime, but i don't know if it'll be tonight or not. we'll see. okay, well that's pretty much it. gotta go watch the daily show now so cya later everyone!  
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03:06pm 13/12/2003
mood: pissed off
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okay, well my computer decided to start being a piece of shit, so i guess that's all the quizzes for tonight. later everyone!
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It's been to long...   
02:35pm 13/12/2003
mood: blank
well i know i haven't posted since thanksgiving so i figured i'd finally update this. it's weird cuz i always come on livejournal every time i'm on the internet, which has been almost every day lately, but i never feel the need to update this. i guess it's because i'm too lazy. haha. i have a xanga site that i post on and i've been updating that almost every day so i usually don't feel like writing any more after that or copying and pasting. i don't really know what to write on here. i don't feel like writing about some of the stuff that happened last week or this week that i posted on my xanga...there's just too much. katie might be coming down tomorrow, that is if we don't get that bad snow. so that'll be cool cuz i haven't seen her in awhile and i miss her. i think the last time i talked to her was monday or something. hopefully i'll get to see her tomorrow. derek bade is back in my creative writing class so i'm very happy about that cuz he hasn't been in there for awhile and the class just isn't the same without him. i got to talk to him yesterday in there and i thought maybe that was his first day back in that class cuz he wasn't in there wednesday, but he said thursday was his first day back in there. yeah, and i wasn't in school thursday cuz i got sick, so i didn't know that.

oh, i've been wanting to see the matrix for the longest time cuz i never saw any of those movies, and now in technology in science we're watching the first matrix! yay!!! i'll finally get to see it now. we haven't done any actual work in that class in so long, it's great. :-) although we're gonna be starting a project in there soon so that kinda sux. oh, and i have prince of persia: the sands of time rented out and that's an awesome game. also i played manhunt which is also a good game. very suspenseful and kinda scary, but fun. it's disturbing too and you get to execute members of these gangs that are after you and the executions are very violent. there's a guy called "Starkweather" in there and he's the one who directs you on what you have to do..he's really sadistic...haha. some of the stuff he says when you kill the guys is funny cuz he always want more violence. lol. so i'm glad i have those 2 games to play. last night was actually the first time i played manhunt. oh, and i started over completely in prince of persia cuz i missed the one wall you have to break to unlock the original prince of persia game and i couldn't get back to it from where i was so i had to start all over again. i had to erase over my saved game too cuz my brother didn't want too much memory used up on the memory card. grr....oh well. i'm pretty close to where i was...i guess. but now i have to fight the guy's father again as well as all the other hundred enemies they throw at you, and that's a hard battle. hopefully i'll get past it soon.

okay, i guess that's all. maybe i'll make another post with some quizzes in it, but i dunno yet. i have to work on some homework for history, but i'll probably do that later. take care everyone and enjoy your weekend.
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