Heather (condemnedsoul) wrote,

Quick Update...

okay, i don't feel like writing a lot and i wanna go watch the daily show at 7 and it's 6:50 now, so i'll try to make this a quick update. well derek was in school today so i saw him and was talking to him first and 4th period. that was cool. we finally finished the table tennis tournaments in gym class today so i don't have to worry about being partners with people i don't normally talk to...at least not for a little while. me and rosey just kinda pretended to play a game of table tennis, but really we were just goofing around. lol. it was fun. watched some more of the matrix in technology in science, and i wish i could've skipped all my other classes just to watch the rest of that movie cuz it's really getting good and i never saw that movie. i hate having to turn it off in the middle cuz it's really interesting. i just got done working on my homework for my history project...i did some more for it tonight even though the one girl in my group told me i didn't have to do anything considering i did the whole history part by myself. she said she felt really bad i had to do all that, cuz she wasn't there for the first 3 days of the project. she was out sick, but she said if she was there, she wouldn't of made me do all that work. oh well, at least it's done now and at least she's nice about it and sees how much work i put into it and appreciates it. i told her it wasn't a big deal cuz it wasn't that hard, which it wasn't. played prince of persia:the sands of time some more yesterday and got further. i hope i'll get to play it some more tonight. oh, and sammie was wearing this shirt today that had the superman logo on it and the shirt was blue so i kept calling sammie supergirl. hehe. i asked her if she was supergirl first and she said she was so that's why i kept calling her that. :-) i still haven't talked to katie in awhile so i'll probably try to call her sometime, but i don't know if it'll be tonight or not. we'll see. okay, well that's pretty much it. gotta go watch the daily show now so cya later everyone!
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