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New Picture!!!!

i wanted to update this yesterday, but i didn't get to. so i'm gonna copy and paste an entry from my xanga site that i wrote yesterday. there's nothing much to update on for today though, except that i put up a new picture on here. i felt it needed a change and i was bored so...

anyways, here's the update that was supposed to be for yesterday...

Monday, December 22, 2003

alright, i'm not gonna be staying on the internet too long because i have to leave at 6 to go to a viewing. yeah, on saturday my papa shay passed away and tonight's his viewing. heh, what perfect timing (sarcasm) considering my mom just got sick on saturday and then she finds out that her dad died. i felt so bad for her cuz she was all upset over it, but i'm surprised she hasn't been crying non-stop these last few days cuz she usually does that. i'm sure when we go to the viewing tonight though she'll be crying a lot, which is understandable, but i just hate to see her like that.

so anyways, my mom has the flu and bronchitis. that really sux, but i think she's feeling a lot better than she did saturday and sunday, or at least she seems like she does. she was worried that i might get what she has, but i told her not to worry about it cuz it wouldn't be a big surprise if i did considering my immune system is really bad so i get pretty much everything and anything that's going around. i have to say though, lately i haven't been getting that sick or catching stuff that's been going around, which is a huge surprise cuz i almost always get sick. i have been coughing and getting more stuff in my throat than usual though and my nose has been running a lot. i dunno if it's just allergies or if i'm starting to come down with something, but i hope it's just allergies.

i went to bed late last night, like around 1:30ish because i had a really bad migraine headache, but then i took some imitrex stuff and it helped it go away almost instantly and it didn't come back the rest of the night. then this morning when i woke up i felt fine until i tried to eat something and then i felt sick to my stomach, but i still tried to get ready for school and before i did my exercises it went away and i was fine the rest of the day. i was glad that during school i wasn't coughing as much as i'd been over the weekend and i wasn't getting stuff in my throat. my nose wasn't running a lot either so that was good cuz i forgot to bring tissues with me. so i guess today i've been feeling pretty okay, aside from the fact that i just recently lost my papa shay and feeling bad for my mom cuz of her being sick and now losing her dad.

alright, well on to better things. sammie made me a pretty picture last night and she gave it to me today!!! i love my sammie! she painted this little star in the one corner of the paper and then made the rest of the paper all colorful...it's the colors of the rainbow. it looks really neat and i'm gonna hang it on my wall or something. i was gonna put it in my locker, but i don't think it'll fit on the door or anything. i'll definately make sure i put it somewhere in my room where everyone can notice it right away. hehe! i'll probably put it on the wall behind the headboard of my bed. that way everyone can see it right when they walk in. oh, and then i drew sammie a picture in my study halls today cuz last night i called her and told her how i felt bad that i couldn't get anyone anything for christmas so she told me to just draw her a picture or something, but i didn't get to cuz i had that damn headache. so i drew her a winter picture with a snowman and a street with candy cane lights. i didn't have any colored pencils or crayons or anything so i couldn't make it colorful. i told her i was sorry about that, but she said it was okay cuz she still liked it. i was glad to hear that.

just a little while ago sammie called me from work to see how i was cuz i told her about my papa shay today in school and she felt really bad. she kept telling me she was sorry about him dying, but i told her it was okay and not to worry. she told me i could call her later tonight if i wanted to talk and i told her that i would as long as i don't get home too late from the viewing. so hopefully we'll get home early enough so that i can call her. she also apologized for not bringing my rufio cd in today,but i told her that was okay too because it's no big deal. i'll get it some other time and i know she's not keeping it on purpose or anything. she kept saying she was sorry though and i felt bad cuz i don't want her to think i'm hassling her for the cd or anything, it's just that i've been in withdraw from it. it's okay though cuz i let her borrow it and i understand that she just forgot to bring it in. i'm the same way, i always forget stuff. i'm extremely forgettful. :-S so she asked me if was gonna be going to school tomorrow, but i told her i wasn't gonna go. i mean, it's not like i'm missing anything cuz all i'd have tomorrow would be a study hall, gym, then lunch. i figured that with that viewing tonight i don't know how late i'll get home so i'll probably be exhausted, plus i haven't been feeling that well the last few days, and i just need a break from it all.

the only bad part about not going is i won't get to see my friends and i'll miss them, but i really don't feel like going tomorrow. hopefully i'll see most of you over christmas vacation. i really want to hang out with my friends over the break cuz it's gonna be hard to go that long without seeing any of my friends. we'll figure something out. i'm really sorry i couldn't get any of you anything, not even a candy cane or christmas card, but i didn't get to go anywhere to get that stuff. i feel really bad, especially since some of you got me stuff. man, i really gotta get a job over the summer and for next year so that i can get everybody gifts. also i gotta get my license so that i can actually drive places and get to hang out with my friends and even take them places. sammie said that when she gets her license, me and her are gonna drive around and go to the movies and stuff and hang out. it sounds like fun, can't wait. \m/ of course, i wanna do the same with all my other friends too, that'd be really fun. a whole group of us just gallavating(sp?) around one night...imagine the possibilities lol.

oh, did anyone else think that movie was really stupid today? i thought it was horrible...well, what i saw of it anyways. i saw matt a few rows in front of me so i was staring at him most of the time. hehe...i'm so lame. how much fun can you have staring at the back of someone's head? well, let me tell you...TONS!!!! lol. then i got to see him in 2nd period today too, which was great and i saw him right before 2nd when i passed mr. ulicny's room cuz he's in there. he's just soo damn hot!!! damn him! hehe. i also got to talk to derek today. i said hi to him this morning before homeroom when he was at his locker and he actually heard me and said hi. then i saw him after the movie in first period and was talking to him a little bit in there. the next time i saw him was on my way out of 2nd period and he said hi to me first. yay! then i saw him in 4th period and was talking to him a little bit cuz he sits right next to me. i didn't get to talk to him the whole period though cuz whoever wanted to play pictionary in that class had to go to another table with mrs. laughman and i didn't feel like playing so i stayed at my table and finished sammie's picture and then read. there was only about 2 people who actually wanted to play pictionary and that was derek and kyrie. oh yeah, and kyle was in school today!!! hurray!!!!!! i asked him how he was feeling and he said he was feeling better. i was glad to hear that.

omg...i felt so bad for rosey today though because she was tired and she was upset about something that happened last night, but i'm not gonna write what it was cuz i don't know if she'd want me to and it's not my place to do so. i don't know how things are going with that, but i hope they're going okay. i really hope everything's better and that rosey's feeling better. rosey, if you read this, i really hope the best for you and hope everything's okay. if not, try not to worry about it too much, even though i know it'll be hard, but if you need to talk, i'm here for you. i love you rosey..don't forget that. you know my number and my email if you ever need anything. take care and i'll talk to ya later! *hugz* love ya!

oh, and one more thing...yesterday my brother and i watched monty python and the holy grail!!!! i still love that movie! thank you sooooo much sarah! that movie's the greatest. i can't wait till christmas! speaking of that, just in case i don't get to talk to any of you before christmas or in case i'd lose power on or before christmas like i did last year(let's hope that doesn't happen) MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!!! i'll post that again on christmas day if i can.

alright, well that was a lot to write. sorry about that everyone. hope you all enjoy the rest of your night and enjoy tomorrow, whether or not you go to school. take care everyone. talk to ya laterz...and once again sorry i couldn't get anyone anything for christmas...i still feel really bad even though people keep telling me not to. hopefully i'll have a job next year so that i can get everyone a little something. okay, well that's all for me so goodnight!

okay, well i did update my xanga site today, even though there's not much to write about, so maybe i'll post that entry too.

Tuesday, December 23, 2003

well the viewing went as i expected it to last night. my mom was crying the whole time and i felt horrible cuz just seeing her cry made me want to cry too, but i didn't. i just wanted to try and be strong for her, plus i don't normally cry and hate when i do so. it's not that i don't care enough to cry, it's just that i don't see the point in it. i know it's some people's way of dealing with things, but it's not mine cuz it doesn't solve problems or bring people back to life. it might make some people feel better to cry, but it doesn't for me. i don't have a problem if other people cry and that's their way of coping with things cuz that's just the type of people they are, but i'm just not like that.

alright so anyways...enough of my little crying rant. umm..yeah, i didn't get home until 10:30 last night because at the end of the viewing the guy who owned the funeral home had to talk to my mom and some other people about the funeral arrangements. so that took longer than expected and of course since i got home so late, i didn't get to call sammie last night. i'm gonna try to call her today though so hopefully i'll get in touch with her.

oh, i forgot to write about this yesterday, but on sunday night guess what was on comedy central at 10?! one of the kevin james specials!!!!! it was Kevin James: Sweat the Small Stuff!!!! i taped it so now i can watch it whenever i want. i still have to see his other special which i never saw, but kyle was telling me there was another special he had the one time. i hope i'll get to see it sometime. speaking of kyle, i got to talk to him on msn today. that was good cuz i haven't talked to him on there in awhile or gotten to talk to him that much lately.

well i guess that's pretty much all. today's been pretty uneventful. wow, i have 12 days off school. that's pretty cool, except that i might not see most of my friends and won't see my hot people over the break. i kinda wish i would've went to school now cuz derek bade was there today and i could've saw him and i wanted to tell him to have a good christmas. also i could've told all my friends that and got to see them before the break, plus i might've been able to see matt today, although i don't know when since i wouldn't of had technology in science, but maybe i would've been able to stare at him in the assembly if i saw him. oh well, i'll see him when we go back to school. too bad i don't know where he lives or i could stalk him...haha. anyways, i'm gonna get going. later everyone!
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