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Friday, January 16, 2004

yes!!!!! it's friday!!!! i'm so glad cuz it seems like this week's just been dragging on forever. i can't wait until tomorrow either cuz i get to go over katie's and we're supposed to go to rocky horror in coaldale. i've never been there, so i'm hoping it'll be fun. it should be. also we might go see a movie with her mom so that'll be pretty cool. i've missed hanging out with katie so it'll be good to hang with her again.

sammie wasn't in school today. i missed her. i hope she's okay. oh, but i finally finished my technology in science project. well actually i didn't get pictures for all the people, i didn't add animation or sound to the powerpoint presentation like we were supposed to, and my quit button doesn't work cuz i didn't know how to get it to. so i'll lose a few points, but i got the main parts out of the way and i didn't have time to add that extra stuff and i'm just glad i got most of it done. hopefully i'll get a good grade. today was the last day for me to see my hot person in that class though. :'( that was sad and i didn't even get to stare at him cuz i wouldn't allow myself to get distracted in that class today because i knew if i did i'd never get my project done. i got to see him later after 7th though so that was good. hopefully i'll have something with him for the 3rd quarter, but i doubt it. oh well, i'll just have to stalk him even more and watch for him everyday when he walks to his car. speaking of that, i saw him walking to his car today and he did this weird little run type thing and it looked so cute. hehe. i'm glad we had a two hour delay today, but the only thing is that it cut down on the time i had to finish that project. otherwise i probably could've got more of it done, but oh well. i'm not too worried about it, i'm sure mr. cap. will understand. he knows i was trying to get it done.

today was our last day in creative writing and i hoped derek would be in school so i could spend it talking to him, but unfortunately he wasn't. i really missed him today though and when i didn't see him come into 1st period i felt like crying. that's how much i missed him. i know it sounds pathetic, but he hasn't been there the last few days and i really wanted to talk to him. now i won't have that class with him though, but at least i'll have first period with him. i'm seriously considering asking him out though. i've been contemplating it for awhile now, but i've never been this serious about it. i'm just afraid he doesn't like me in that way or would think it was some sort of joke. also i'm afraid of the rejection and even if he didn't reject me, i hate to think of the friendship i could possibly lose with him if we did go out and then break up later on. that would really suck. another thing that bothers me is the fact that with how much school he always misses and how much work he has to make up, that maybe we wouldn't get to see each other that much outside or in school. i don't know if i could deal with that. well, if anyone can help me decide what i should do just leave a comment. i'd really appreciate the help.

anyways, today mrs. laughman said she did remember reading my short story that we were supposed to get back today, but she misplaced it. that's great cuz now i don't even know how i did on it. i hope i did well though cuz i didn't like my story all that much, but maybe she did. i hope so. yeah, i wrote a few more poem/song things during that class cuz i had nothing else to do. they suck, as usual, but it was something to do.

i hated 9th period so bad today cuz mrs. urban insisted on praising my point/proof/purpose assignment we did wednesday when the sub. was there. yeah, i loved that. it really didn't make me feel like a complete ass. for one thing, i'm not an ego maniac and don't intend to be so i don't like having anything i do praised and second of all i still don't even think she really likes me so i don't know why she made it sound so good. maybe it's cuz she knows how shy and quiet i am and how i don't like attention drawn to me so she did it to be a bitch. i dunno, but anyways she said everyone had to do it over again unless she told us otherwise so of course she said mine was excellent so i didn't have to do it over again. thank god, but i still didn't like the excessive praise plus the fact that she read both of my papers to the whole class. so that was kind of hell for me, but ah well. nothing you can do about it i guess.

so that was pretty much my day. i'm gonna probably play video games later or call katie or something. maybe i'll even read. i'm not sure yet, but i'll find something to do. oh and today my mom had to get this surgery done for her heart, but luckily everything went okay. they are keeping her in the hospital a few hours yet though for observation, but i'm glad they're doing that cuz i don't want anything to happen to her. i'm just glad everything went okay cuz i was worried about that today. yay...my mommy's gonna be okay! *clap* hehe...alright, i'm done now. take care everyone and enjoy your weekend!
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