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The Bestest Thing Ever...Quizzes!!!

Innocently Sexy
What Type of Sexy Are You? (with pics)

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Eat Me

Your Candy Heart is "Eat Me"

Your sexual confidence inspires you to be bold

So when you want some eating done, it will be told

Your taste is refreshing - and maybe a little fruity

Unless the licking is being done to your booty

What Naughty Candy Heart Are You?

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sweet talker

Your Seduction Stye: "Sweet Talker"

Your seduction technique can be summed up with "charm"

You know that if you have the chance to talk to someone...

Well, you won't be talking for long! ;-)

You're great at telling potential lovers what they want to hear

Partially, because you're a great reflective listener and good at complementing

The other part of your formula? Focusing your conversation completely on the other person.

Your "sweet talking" ways have taken you far in romance - and in life

You can finess your way through any difficult situation, with a smile on your face.

Speeding tickets, job interviews... bring it on! You truly live a *charmed life*

What Kind of Seducer Are You?

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furry handcuffs

You are Furry Cuffs!

If there were an "extra vanilla flavor", that would be you.

So you're a bit on the conservative side, sexually.

Maybe you're a bit new to the game - or a bit shy.

Either way, furry cuffs are the perfect way to spice things up a little.

What Kind of Handcuffs Are You?

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saving my virginity barbie

You Are Saving My Virginity Barbie!

You come complete with white knee socks,
a Britney Spears poster, and an intact hymen.

"How to be a Cocktease" manual and "Satisfy Ken
with Blowjobs" kit sold separately.

Not recommended for children under age 6.

What Naughty Barbie Are *You*?

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You Should Give Your Ex AIDS!

Wow, your ex must have really hurt you.

You loathe this guy extremely.

Give him AIDS and his immune system will soon get so weak that even a little cold can kill him.

What STD Should You Give Your Ex?

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one night stand dan

Your Guy is One Night Stand Dan!

Your man is One Night Stand Dan.

You are not usually into long term relationships, and you need a man who can please you for just a little while.

You like variety and you pick guys based on your mood.

What Guy is Perfect for *You*?

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I'll be damned. You ARE bisexual AFTER all!

You sees "31 Flavors" as the ideal place to work.

You can get unequivocally turned on by eating Cheese 'n Crackers -

taking the little sticks from the wrapper and sliding them into the cheese.

You are definitely a sexual glutton, taking as much as you can ;)

Are *You* Bisexual? Click Here to Find Out!

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(wow, i had no idea....learn something new everyday...lol)

i think that's all for now. gotta try 2 go 2 bed early 2-night. well, laterz everyone! take care...love ya all! tony, i'll have that cd for u tomorrow.
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